Previa EL Purify LIn Lot 100ml
Previa EL Purify LIn Lot 100ml

BRAND: Previa CODE: 2300142

Previa EL Purify LIn Lot 100ml

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Previa Extra Life Purifying. Leave In Lotion 100ML Natural Haircare

Purifying leave in lotion. Daily Use. Anti-dandruff. Rebalancing. Soothing. Ideal for counteracting dandruff, normalising sebum secretion and reducing irritations. Carries out a calming and emollient action, aimed at re-establishing the intactness and health of the skin's hydrolipidic film. Reduces desquamations, heals itching.

FREE FROM: EDTA/PEG/PPG · Parabens · Thiazolinone · Silicone · Mineral Oils · Petrolatum ·Benzopheone · Artifical Colours · Formaldehyde-donor Preservatives · Animal-derived Ingredients

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