Brow Code Prof Wax Warmer
Brow Code Prof Wax Warmer
Brow Code Prof Wax Warmer
Brow Code Prof Wax Warmer

BRAND: Brow Code CODE: 2170148

Brow Code Prof Wax Warmer

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Brow Code Professional Wax Warmer

The Brow Code Professional Wax Warmer is a digital wax warmer suitable for all hot and strip wax. The sleek, stylish, and black Wax Warmer offers quick heating capabilities for efficiency, a non-stick surface coating for ease of clean-up, and a compact design for travel convenience.

The Professional Wax Warmer Features:
-A Spatula Bar to rest the spatula on. This will help create a mess-free workstation while saving space and time.
-A Teflon-coated non-stick surface, which makes clean up easy.
-Rapid heat-up capabilities.
-Adjustable unit switch.
-Digital thermostat controls.
-Digital temperature display.

-Maximum temperature - 120 Celsius/248 Fahrenheit
-Capacity - 500ml
-Power - 100w
-AC-Input with 110-240V, 50HZ
-Size - 154 x 183 x 92mm

12 Month Warranty:
To ensure the safe use of this product, our company complies with AQSIQ and the implementation of after-sale services. Excluding After Services:

-Beyond the free maintenance period.
-Damage or breakdown caused by the customer.
-Incorrect use or customer did not follow instructions.
-Customer disassembled product.
-Damage caused by human factors (error operation, bump, drop, incorrect voltage input.)

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