About Us

Who are we?

Who better to answer this question than Joseph Geha, owner and son of the business founders Paulette and Hanny Geha

“Hair Supplies is my time machine.  It takes me back to when I could stand upright under the dining room table with no risk of hitting my head.  My father would serve our customers in the small room that was to the side of our family home.  My mother would run between that room - to help my father, and the kitchen - to cook for a family.  There was only a doorway and dining table in between.  The dining table was both the place the family ate and where my parents sat and talked to customers…with me standing underneath.

They grew a family and Hair Supplies at the same time, in the same place, with just a doorway and that table between.  The customers were intertwined into our family life.  Many were customers that became friends and some were friends that became customers…and I never knew the difference.  What I did know was that every customer felt at home, because they actually were…in ours.  Mum and Dad knew each friend by name and what they needed. 

Hair Supplies will always be that small room and dining table of my childhood home.  It will always be where my family and my family of customers intertwine.  It will always be the place where you feel at home, are known by name, get what you truly need and are always treated as a friend.  Hair Supplies will always be that...and to make sure, I have kept that table to remind me.”

Joseph Geha.

What is the HairSupplies difference?

We have the brands you want so you can get the results that you want. Our customers know the difference firsthand – they’re known by our staff.

All of our HairSupplies staff are trained hairdressing professionals - we undergo constant training in the latest products, techniques and trends.

Which brands does HairSupplies carry?

The brands you’ve heard of. And some you haven't. With the largest in-store range in Western Australia, you can see the leading brands all in the one place and make a better-informed choice.

We stock products you will recognise and some that you may not have heard of, we welcome you to explore and discover something new. Be confident you’ll get the right products for the job.

When you visit HairSupplies, expect to

Be Known
Be appreciated and remembered by our team who delight in serving you.

Be Intrigued
Be fascinated and drawn to explore and discover from our extensive range.

Be Confident
Be certain and assured that what you need is in store – count on high quality products in big quantities.

Be Guided
Be informed and encouraged with expert advice from qualified and experienced hairdressers.

How can you shop at HairSupplies?

It’s easy. You can either shop online via this website, you can call us, or drop into our East Fremantle store.

We’re committed to growing with the industry

At HairSupplies, we continually strive to offer the most relevant range of products demanded by the hair and beauty industry. We will ensure that our customers are supported by professional staff offering outstanding service and advise.