Foil Board Shorty Scary Green
Foil Board Shorty Scary Green

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Foil Board Shorty Scary Green

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Nomad Hair Design Foil Board Shorty Special Edition Scary Green Multi

These Special Edition boards are approx 5mm thick. Because of this, they may have a slight curve. This does not affect the use of the board, however if it bothers you, they can be flattened by laying on a flat surface with a weight on top.

Salon professionals who like to use a foil board when colouring.

Colour application doesn’t have to be ‘stock standard’. So have a little fun, show your individuality, and step up your foiling game with these super awesome glitter foiling boards!
They have a 45° beveled edge on each end, which means you can get nice and close to the scalp with your foils. The 15cm width is a perfect fit for most standard-wide pre cut foils.

For best results, work with the flat side up (beveled edges down), with your foil folded over the top edge.
Not designed to have chemical (eg. colour or powder lightener) applied directly on the board, as the surface may become dull or cloudy.

SHORTY - 200mm x 150mm

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