Why You Should Use A Heat Protectant Spray When Heat Styling!

We put our hair through a lot. Up styles, down styles, lightening, darkening, straighter, curlier, more volume, less volume! The list goes on but either way, safe to say you’ve taken your hair to new lengths, literally!

But have you really taken the effort to ensure your hair is being cared for every time you style it?
If the answer is no then that’s okay, we’re here to give you our industry top tips and know how to make sure your hair is as strong and luscious as it deserves to be.

Let us introduce to you, heat protectant products! Yes we know they’ve been around for quite a while now but shockingly only a small amount of you actually use them, or know how to use them properly when heat styling.

First things first, how does heat styling affect your hair?

Hair dryers, straighteners, curlers and wavers can heat your hair up to 170° C. When your hair is heated past 130°C then you start to increase the risk of damaging your locks.

 Here’s a more in-depth look at what could be happening to your hair:

  • The keratin proteins that make your hair strong and bouncy may start to deteriorate.
  • Moisture escapes from the inner layers of the hair shaft resulting in breakage and split ends.
  • The outer layer of your hair, the cuticle can break down, making it more vulnerable to chemicals and heat - including sunlight.
  • Hair that has been coloured can either change or fade, in particular blonde colouring may turn brassy.

In short consistent heat styling can cause dry, lackluster, frizzy hair and damaged hair.

It’s not all bad news though, there are many heat protectant products to salvage your hair. We are proud to present the aptly named Protect My Hair Spray from the friendly folks at RPR Haircare.

How it works:

The RPR Protect My Hair Spray creates a safeguard for your hair against thermal damage from straightening, blow-drying and curling!

Keratin proteins and advanced heat-activated cuticle protector are blended with Certified Organic Goji Berry to form a weightless coating that shields hair up to 220 degrees. It restores moisture balance, reduces breakage and makes dry hair smoother and shinier - sound good so far?

As well as delivering soothing relief from the heat it is also ideal as a fragrant hair refreshing mist. So you’ve got healthier, shinier and better smelling hair!

When to use it?

This is the easy part, simply spray onto towel dried or dry hair before styling or straightening and then style as usual - ensure that hair is dry before using a heat styler. Voila! Healthier, better looking hair.

Featured Styling Tool: Mermade Hair Waver

Mermade is a proudly Australian founded hair brand who believe that beautiful hair should be easy for everyone! We’re so excited to introduce you to the hottest little styling tool on the market, the Mermaid Hair Waver.

The launch of their signature tool – the original Mermade Hair Waver – made waves across the internet (we couldn’t help ourselves) and it literally broke the internet. Now it’s one of the hottest and fastest selling hair tools across the globe.

The Mermade Hair Waver is the must-have hair tool for summer!

It's the game-changer for all hair - any length or texture, giving you perfect beachy, boho or glam waves in seconds.

Here’s how to achieve Mermade Waves yourself:

Step 1. Spray RPR Protect My Hair Spray onto your locks.
Step 2. Section & clip the hair into four parts with Mermade Grip Clips.
Step 3. Starting from the back 1 inch off the scalp, take small sections for a more defined Kardashian wave or larger sections for your beachy undone wave.
Step 4. Clamp the hair, hold for 3-10 seconds & release. Move down the hair re-clamping each bend for a seamless wave.

For a more in-depth look at this nifty tool watch the video below.

Shop the Mermade Hair Wavers range and start perfecting those big, shiny, bouncy, epic Mermade waves this Summer! 

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